The Iceman Cometh

The Iceman Cometh is a key of the Midwest mountain biking scene, an even with hundreds of entries over thirty miles of course in unpredictable weather.  Entrants are sorted into waves based on their performance in previous races.  I was interested in understanding how the wave start impacted conditions along the course as faster riders overtook slower ones, so took the race data and visualized it first as a simple shiny app.  Once I colored each wave differently, processing time became very slow, so I took individual PNGs of each frame of the analysis and made a video instead.

I also wanted (very badly) to know how my performance was likely to compare to other women entered in the event so gathered results for women and faceted them year-over-year.  Vertical bars mark quartiles. (2014 was an appallingly bad weather year).icewomen

Data gathered from the Iceman site and mmba member bjbonner