Victoria Triathlon (Half-Iron Distance)

Well, mostly half-iron. This race is 1900m swim, 86.5k bike, and 20k run. (and some of us intimate with Elk Lake aren’t entirely sure about that 20, either)

I decided on this race to crown a huge winter of base building. I was confident that I could go the distance: just wasn’t so sure about going the distance at any speed at all.

At Shawnigan Lake, I learned what happens when an overenthusiastic cyclist goes out and crushes the bike. People say great things like, “hey, that was a super ride you had,” but the misery of the run after an overcooked bike doesn’t quickly fade from memory. So this thing was just a big experiment, whose primary goal (besides the usual, “finish vertical,” was to try to manage pace so I’d have a good run.

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Shawnigan Lake Triathlon (Olympic) Race Report

Shawnigan Lake.  In May.  After the most wretchedly cold spring in recent memory.  Completely immersed for half an hour or thereabouts.  With about 200 other people beating the hell out of you or swimming over top of you.  Does this sound like a good idea yet?  It’s the first major outdoor swim on the island’s race calendar and just about everyone was either really jittery or elaborately pretending not to mind the ice cubes in the slightest.

Fortunately, if you can look at things this way, Coach Noa has a sick sense of humour and had been chucking us into Thetis Lake since early May.  As a result, it seemed kind of normal to stand around saying things like, “Oh, yes, it’s much better today, the blinding pain in my face gave way to numbness within only about 200 metres of swimming.”

This was my first tri of the year.  I scratched from a pool-swim sprint earlier in the month because of a cold, so was interested to see what a winter of base-building would do.  OK.  Well, a winter of indifferent running, a complete rebuild of my swim stroke, and a whole lot of biking.  I mean, a whole freaking lot of biking.  I kind of really really like to ride my bike.

Now, the Transition Gods smiled on me for this race, and I got the spot at the very end of my row.  I want to express special gratitude for this spot because the odds of this ever happening again are, like, zero.  So, there I was, half-naked on a cool dank morning, leaning on my personal bike-rack-end-holder-thing, trying to pull on my recalcitrant wetsuit, and thinking, “I may not be a great swimmer.  I may be slow on the run.  But, by God, I climbed Mt Lemmon in April, I’m QOM on Munn’s Road, I am rocking the world’s Most Marvelous Road Bike, and I am going to crush this bike ride.” Continue reading Shawnigan Lake Triathlon (Olympic) Race Report

Start Me Up

A step away from the clutter of Facebook and Twitter, yet every bit as self-indulgent and navel-gazing, I suppose.

I’m heading to the Age Group World Triathlon Championships in October 2012 and would like to have a place to collect race and training reports – and, I suppose no small amount of other ephemera.

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