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Victoria Triathlon (Half-Iron Distance)

Well, mostly half-iron. This race is 1900m swim, 86.5k bike, and 20k run. (and some of us intimate with Elk Lake aren’t entirely sure about that 20, either)

I decided on this race to crown a huge winter of base building. I was confident that I could go the distance: just wasn’t so sure about going the distance at any speed at all.

At Shawnigan Lake, I learned what happens when an overenthusiastic cyclist goes out and crushes the bike. People say great things like, “hey, that was a super ride you had,” but the misery of the run after an overcooked bike doesn’t quickly fade from memory. So this thing was just a big experiment, whose primary goal (besides the usual, “finish vertical,” was to try to manage pace so I’d have a good run.

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