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It’s been a long winter. You would be forgiven for thinking I was so badly scarred by Tour de Vic last year that I went and hid under a rock for six months, and you wouldn’t be far wrong.  I kind of fell apart after that ride and stopped training much, except for a last fling at the Tour de Foothills with Mom in November.  With all the time I recovered from training, I rediscovered the joys of drinking beer with friends.  And baking and eating bread.  And cookies.  And what my scale looks like when it’s begging for mercy.  And why you shouldn’t wear argyle cycling shorts that are one size too small.  (the warping of the check pattern graphically demonstrates how the shorts are being stretched.)

Anyway, I resolved to pull myself together and started training with Clint Lien and Mercury Rising Triathlon.  It’s been great.  I’m back to running (slowly), cycling (slowly) and swimming (less slowly, thanks to a great clinic with Clint and Coach Tenille Hoogland).  Travel and the usual plague of minor injuries and bugs has punched a few holes in the schedule, but on the whole, I’m back into OK condition.

So, Clint finally noticed that although I was training, I kind of hadn’t registered for any races and I had to admit to him that I’m, um, afraid of racing.  I hate racing.  But we agreed that I should do the Shawnigan Lake Olympic tri to get back into the swing of things. I knew all the right things to tell myself.  “Just getting going again.  Just train through it. You won’t be fast, but nobody cares but you.”

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Rumble Dallas Road Time Trial

It’s been a bit of a hiatus, thanks to travel and Life Stuff. But I have an actual race to report!

(My anxiety-driven-perfectionist decision to skip the Shawnigan Lake Tri because I am in less-than-peak condition turned out to be a bonehead move. It would have been a great race anyway, but oh, well)

I raced the 5 km Rumble* Dallas Road Time Trial, the first event of three (TT, Road race, and the Bastion Square Criterium) running this weekend. I’ve been experimenting way, way outside my comfort zone this spring (see also: Biking, Mountain; Road Race, Latoria; Roubaix, Barry’s), and it felt really good to be back in my sweet spot where I sort of know what I’m doing, the Time Trial. No tactics, no sudden pickups, (relatively few) crazy corners. Just put your head down and ride as hard as you can over the distance. I mean, really. I didn’t even have to save anything for the run.

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