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Tripleshot Women’s Clinic – Week 1

I am one of a team of ride leaders helping out with the second annual Tripleshot Cycling Women’s Group Riding and Racing Skills clinic. We come from all over the cycling world and many of the team are very, very impressive: the cycling resumes that came out during our introductions painted a picture of a group of women ranging from 17 years old to [just never you mind]; national and provincial team members; and representation from all kinds of cycling, including mountain, road, and the track. And then, there’s me, the token triathlete. “Hey, Kate: how many triathletes does it take to screw in a light bulb? What? You can’t tell me until you find a carbon fibre ladder and check with your coach? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!” (sigh)

Anyway, our Grand Poobah, Jen Erlendson, has asked me to write up the clinics as we go, saying she’d like my “on the ground, leader perspective.” Now, I have to say I didn’t spend that much time on the ground Monday night and had kind of hoped she wasn’t looking when I toppled. Oh, well. Continue reading Tripleshot Women’s Clinic – Week 1