It’s the Unexpected Bits

The Mediterranean Revival style Broadmoor Hote...
The Mediterranean Revival style Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I’m just back from the Cherwell Global User conference, one of the most enjoyable vendor events I’ve ever been to. Our new ITSM Software partner hosted the event at the Broadmoor, a stunning resort in Colorado Springs. Now, of course the Broadmoor offered a beautiful setting; a world-class facility; and service offered at a standard I’ve never experienced before.

A girl could get used to having five people tend to her simple supper, turn-down service, and a courteous word from every last staff member I met as I passed through the place. Of course, I was paying for it and the place completely met my expectations. But I’ll tell you where the “wow” landed for me.

Southern View from Palmer Trail One
Cheyenne Mountain (Photo credit: samenstelling)

I wanted to go for a run during lunch. Seeing as how I’m from Canada’s Pacific Southwest, I was completely surprised by the appearance of a giant flaming ball in the sky and had no shades with me to protect my eyes from the thing. So I went to the concierge and got a trail map… and then asked, a little embarrassed, “Um, I need to buy sunglasses and I can’t really afford the $275 polarized shades in the golf pro shop. Which of the 87 retail outlets in this giant, beautiful, expensive resort is least likely to bankrupt me?”

The concierge thought about that for about 50 nanoseconds and said, “Hold on a sec. Don’t move. I’ll be right back.” She returned with three pairs of sunglasses from the lost and found. “Pick one,” she said. “Um…. those.” I pointed, like a three-year-old, at the ones that were most likely to fit my face and didn’t have, like, diamonds on them. She dashed off again, cleaned them with disinfectant, and gave them to me, saying, “Bring them back when you’re done. Have a great run, and here, carry this water.”

This little transaction completely, totally, blew me away. The Broadmoor is down about $50 (the sunglasses I didn’t buy) + $2.55 (bottle of water), but utterly won my heart for that gift of time, creative thought, and energy.

The resort’s overall opulence and magnificence were wonderful, that’s true. But the concierge’s hands-on approach to hospitality and client service utterly delighted me. And it’s the story I’ll tell about the place (well, that and the infinity pool with the margaritas) for a long time to come.

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