Ticket Transfers

I was asked to help ITS understand how tickets move from service providers other than ITS into ITS.  In theory, all tickets should be rerouted to our Service Center or Neighborhood IT.  Was that true, or do some groups assign directly to ITS Tier 3?

Data was extracted from ServiceLink via a python script and then crunched in R.  The visualization is a Sankey diagram built with the rCharts library.


This first visualization answered the question: how do tickets come into ITS?  Answer:  just about everyone but LSA sends tickets to Neighborhood IT or the Service Center.

I got curious, though, and wondered what happened if I took the limiters out of the code and visualized *all* transfers?  The file is called ‘dogs-breakfast.html‘ for a reason, but on a large monitor, it is rich in information about how tickets move between our various support teams.